Professional Range

Information Display Panels for 24/7 operation

Display Solutions for Organisations. Information delivery using the power of LCD technology. A specialist solution where 24/7 operation counts.

Sharp Professional LCD Monitors - combining High Image Quality, Superior Durability, User-Friendly Expandability and Installation Versatility.


Sharp PN-E Series large-format professional LCD monitors are designed to work virtually wherever, whenever and for whatever you need. Built solid, these Sharp LCD monitors are ideal for use in most any demanding environment that requires around-the-clock operation seven days a week. And because these monitors utilize an advanced fan-less architecture that doesn’t require mechanical air ventilation fans, they operate silently with maximum reliability and with a minimum of dust intake.

Do you need better video conferencing experience? Digital signage? Large format displays for hospitality or stadiums? You will find all that and more with the Sharp PN-E Series of commercial LCD monitors. Thin and lightweight, they are easy to mount and some even offer the choice of portrait and landscape installation to suit a variety of content and applications. The PN-E Series is ideal for a variety of applications including videoconferencing, digital signage, CAD/simulation, corporate, government/education and sports arenas.

Picture Quality
If you demand exceptional picture quality, the Sharp PN-E Series large-format LCD monitors deliver full 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution from almost any analogue or digital RGB source, or HD video source. Fine-print text and intricate graphics are stunningly crisp and clear. Whether for digital signage, command control or video conferencing, the PN-E Series displays bright, attention grabbing imagery.