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1200 Watts Large Stainless Steel Sensor microwave oven with Express Menus

Adds style to your kitchen...


  • Menus developed in Australia
    At Sharp, we are firmly committed to meeting a selection cooking preferences. All menus, food groups and recipes are developed in Australia to suit a variety of tastes
  • Express Menus- Adds convenience to your busy lifestyle
    • Express Defrost-Select from 3 menus for superfast defrosting. 
    • Express Meal- Choose from 9 popular recipes. Each recipe takes under 30 minutes to cook. All the ingredients are placed in the one dish at the same time and cooked all together. Choose from risotto, pasta and casseroles.
    • Express Cook- Express cook allows you to cook roasts from chilled or frozen. Choose from Roast Beef, Roast Lamb and Roast Chicken.
  • Quick & Easy - Cook 6 quick and easy recipes, with on screen cooking instructions. Recipes include garlic prawns, san choy bau, nachos, chicken caesar salad and pecan fudge.
  • Sensor Cook- Take the guesswork out of cooking. The humidity sensor allows the flexibility to cook a wide variety of menu options. Select the food category, press start and let the sensor monitor the amount of moisture rising from the food to automatically determine the cooking time. 
  • Instant Cook- Press the Instant Cook button to start cooking or reheating your food immediately for one minute at high power.
  • High Power 1200W and Generous capacity- The 1200W microwave output power cooks fresh and frozen food efficiently and easily, the generous capacity is perfect for family size meals. The large turntable, 360mm, makes it easier to place and heat large items.
  • 5 Power Levels- To suit all types of cooking needs. HIGH (100%), MEDIUM HIGH (70%), MEDIUM (50%), MEDIUM LOW/DEFROST (30%) and LOW (10%).
  • Child Lock- If the oven is accidentally started with nothing in the cavity, the life of the oven can be reduced. A "Child Lock" feature, which deactivates the control panel, eliminating this.
  • Easy Defrost- For true convenience in defrosting, simply enter the weight of the frozen food and leave the rest to the oven.  
  • More/Less Setting of pre-programmed cooking menu to suit your tastes.

Other Features

  • Solid, Durable, Stainless Steel Design
  • 46 pre-programmed menus
  • Demonstration Mode
  • 2-line Dot Display for Clear and Easy-to-follow Instructions
  • Alarm Function
  • Sensor Instant Reheat
  • Timer/Clock setting
  • Slow Cook option


Type Sensor Touch Control Microwave Oven
Output power 1200W (IEC)*1
Cooking sequences 3 step
Power levels 5
Cooking timer 99min, 99sec
Carousel turntable diameter 360 mm
Outside dimensions (WxHxD) 550 x 315 x 441 mm
Minimum clearance of air circulation 100 (sides) x 105 (top) x 50 (rear) mm
Power requirements AC 230-240V, 50Hz
Weight 20 kg approx.
Released August 2002.
EAN 4974019397153
Warranty 1 Year  from date of purchase.
Warranty applies to products sold in Australia & NZ.