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Sharp USB Rechargeable 3D Glasses

USB Rechargeable 3D Glasses for Sharp 3D LCD TV


$159.99 NZD
  • Liquid Crystal Shutter System
  • Unique 3D to 2D conversion - Allowing users to watch in 2D image while the TV is in 3D mode
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ION Battery
  • Auto Power off when not in use for 10 minutes to preserve battery
  • Black colour

Lens Type


Liquid Crystal Shutter

Battery used


Built-in Li-ION battery

Battery life


Approx 50 hours of continuous use

Slide Control Button


Off / 3D / 2D

Accessories included


Cloth bag x1, Glasses cleaning cloth x1, Nose pad (Large x1 / Small x1), Li-ION battery x1,



36 gram

Operating Temperature


10C to 40C*1

Appearance, features & specifications are subject to change without notice
*1 The 3D Glasses cannot operate fully at extreme high or low temperatures. Please use them within the specified usage temperature range.)