Steamwave™ Oven

The Next Generation of Cooking has been perfected by Sharp



The new and innovative SteamWave™

Oven is the next revoluton in kitchen appliances. By creating a wide range of healthy, tasty and easy meals through the choice and convenience of three in one cooking options. The SteamWave oven is a combination of a Steam Oven, Grill and Microwave all in one conveniently sized appliance.

The AX1100JS Steamwave™ Oven has been innovatively crafted and incorporates Sharp technology which offers real steam cooking through the use of a specially designed steam generator. 
Cooking options are easily accessible with 14 pre-programmed steam menus.
These convenient options take the guesswork out of cooking allowing you to effortlessly cook foods such as rice, pasta, mixed vegetables and fish.
The Steamwave™ offers an incredible range of steam temperature settings (ranging from 70degrees to 95 degrees celcius). This allows the use of many cooking options giving fantastic steam results with all kinds of food.
Steamwave™ has the option of 2 layer cooking offering maximum versatility allowing various food combinations to be steamed simultaneously.


3-in-1 Oven Innovation:

In addition to the pure steam option Steamwave™ is equipped with pre-programmed menus including Easy Auto, Easy Defrost, Sensor Reheat and Grill.
The microwave function is fast and convenient with 900W of power. This cooking mode includes microwave and auto defrost options allowing fast convenient cooking and defrosting. Pre-programmed sensor menus eliminate guesswork when reheating food items.

 The Sharp AX1100JS is also equipped with a 1100W grill function with 4 additional auto grill menus for added convenience. Whilst being impressive its own, you can also combine the grill and microwave function for versatile mix cooking options. Whatever your culinary requirements are, Steamwave is so convenient and versatile it will cater for your every need.