Sharp New Zealand, Midsize Microwaves

Output Power
With 1100W microwave output, these Sharp microwave ovens can easily and efficiently cook a variety of fresh and frozen foods.

Instant Action Menus
Allows you to Cook or Reheat 8 popular menus.
Cook Instant Action includes: Fresh Vegetable, Frozen Vegetables, Jacket Potato, Rice/Pasta.
Reheat Instant Action includes: Dinner Plate, Pie, Pizza, Beverage.

Easy Defrost Menus
For true convenience in microwave oven defrosting, simply enter the weight of the frozen food and leave the rest to the oven. Menu includes: Minced Meat/Steak/Chops, Roast Meat, Poultry, Chicken Pieces.

Cooking sequences
This Sharp microwave oven can be pre-programmed for up to 3 automatic cooking sequences, switching from one variable power setting to another automatically.

Express Defrost Key with 3 menus
Menu includes 0.5kg of: Fish Fillets, Chicken Fillets, Sausages/Minced Meat.

Instant Cook/Start
Press the Instant Cook button to start cooking or reheating your food immediately for one minute at high power.

Power Levels
To suit all types of cooking needs. HIGH (100%), MEDIUM HIGH (70%), MEDIUM (50%), MEDIUM LOW/DEFROST (30%) and LOW (10%).

More or less
This function allows you to tailor pre-programmed menus to your taste. Select 'Less' for a rare result or 'More' for a well done result.

Can be used for general purpose such as timing a boiling egg on the stove top or standing time for food. Timer can be set up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds

Child Lock
Setting the 'Child Lock' feature can prevent accidentally starting the microwave with no food/liquid in the cavity which may cause damage.

Alarm Function
If food is left in the oven after cooking, the oven will 'beep' 3 times after 2 minutes and again after 4 & 6 minutes