Sharp New Zealand, Microwave Ovens



Sharp is proud to be certified by GFK as the Top Selling Microwave in New Zealand for 2009 ! 



Since Sharp invented the first carousel microwave oven in 1962, we have continued to innovate in style and function.

Building on over forty years of experience, today Sharp brings you a diverse range of microwave ovens that offer sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology. Our range of microwave ovens blend into your kitchen décor, combining style with space-saving designs and practical features. They make it easy to prepare healthy meals quickly with food that looks and tastes great. Choose the one that’s best for you.

Menus developed to suit tastes
At Sharp, we are firmly committed to meeting New Zealand’s cooking preferences. All menus, food groups and recipes for Sharp microwave ovens are developed with the Australian consumer in mind.

Express Menus
Avalable on  selected models Sharp’s Express Menus offer convenience and a variety of meal options at your fingertips. Using the Express Menu function you can easily create delicious pasta, risotto and casserole dishes.

Express Cook
Cook succulent roasts using frozen or chilled meat with Sharp Express Cook, preprogrammed for your added convenience.

Express Defrost
This pre-programmed menu takes only minutes to defrost 500g fi sh, chicken and mince.

Express Meal
Each of the New Zealand developed recipes takes less than 30 minutes. You simply place all ingredients in one dish at the same time. All you have to do is the initial preparation and stir the meal half-way through cooking.

Easy Defrost
Simply enter the weight of the frozen meat, and the oven will defrost it by calculating the defrost time and power level automatically.

Auto Cook Pre-programmed menus
Auto Cook allows simple, speedy cooking of a variety of delicious foods. Select the food category, enter the weight and the oven will set the cooking time and power level automatically.

Sensor Pre-programmed menus
Eliminate all the guess work. Humidity sensors monitor the amount of moisture rising from the food to determine cooking and reheating times. In just one touch it automatically selects the appropriate power level and calculates the cooking time, saving you time and producing excellent results.

Instant Cook
Press the Instant Cook/Start key and the oven will cook on High for one minute. Press the button twice and the oven will cook for two minutes.

More or Less
This function allows you to tailor pre-programmed menus to your taste. Select ‘Less’ for a rare result or ‘More’ for a well done result. Alternatively use it to add or reduce cooking time as well.

Info Display
Press the Help key for cooking tips and instructions. Info Display makes your microwave so easy to use you can throw away your cookbooks.

Expert engineering
Sharp microwave ovens are strategically designed and engineered to maximise microwave reflection so that the microwaves are evenly distributed across the turntable area to assist in even cooking. If you look inside your Sharp microwave oven, you will see it is not just square, but has curved shapes and indentations on the interior surface. These shapes help to distribute the microwaves efficiently. When you press the ‘Stop’ button or open the oven door, the magnetron is turned off. Just like turning off a light switch, the magnetron stops producing microwaves and the microwave energy in the oven cavity disappears.

Cavity size
Different manufacturers have created ovens with different nterior cavity sizes. While some ovens are lower and wider, Sharp microwave ovens are higher and more compact. This makes it possible to put a tall bowl into the oven and still have the oven achieve maximum microwave refl ection for even cooking.

Rotating turntable
Sharp Carousel microwave ovens have been designed with rotating turntables so that the food moves through the microwaves and helps to cook it more evenly.

Output power
Generally speaking, the greater the output power, the faster food will cook. For example, a 1,200 watt IEC-rated oven will cook food twice as fast as a 600 watt IEC-rated oven. This is not to say that you should always operate your oven at maximum power as some foods, such as dairy products, are best heated on low power settings.
As you can see, the size of the cavity is not what counts if you want even, effi cient microwave cooking. Rather, it is the combination of the inside shape of the oven, the movement of microwave energy and food through the oven, and the output power that will help you get the best results from your Sharp microwave oven.