Sharp Interactive Presentation Panel

Make a Sizeable Difference in How You Communicate with a
Sharp Interactive Presentation Panel

Sharp's New IPP (Interactive Presentation Panel) utilises the latest in touchscreen technology, combining digital touch screen panels and Sharp Solutions to become an essential tool for schools and business.

The 60 and 70 inch Professional Touchscreen Display panel can be utilised to display video content, still pictures and PC Data such as Power Point Presentations, with a high image quality. The Sharp IPP's integration of a high-quality LED LCD/Full HD (1920x1080P) panel and a simple to use touch-screen; with the ability to control, edit and add hand written content, creates easy communication without the need of a seperate projector, LCD monitor, touch screen overlay and whiteboard.

For versatility and performance in education and business presentations, teleconferences, classroom/training environments and high impact signage, the new Sharp IPP Touchscreen panels will take communications and learning to a whole new level.


Key Features:

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Enhanced Touchscreen Response & Dual Touch Interface
  • High Brightness and Resolution (1980 x 1080P)
  • Portable unit for convenience and mobility
  • Connectivity to Sharp MFP & Portable Tablet Hardware, no projector required- no shadows on screen
  • 60 inch and 70 inch sized panels available

Simple and Intuitive User Interface:
Sharp Pen Software allows anyone to smoothly and easily operate the 70-inch PN-L702B/ 60-inch PN-L602B panels.

Developed specifically for Sharp's IPP, the Sharp Pen software allows for smoother and easier operation. Users can quickly create or edit on the screen surface using the touch pen or a finger.
The Sharp IPP easily integrates with other solutions, so you can Print/Scan with a Sharp Printer/Copier and utilise with remote control format via iPad technology.



Multifunction Printer Connectivity for Fast and Easy Operation:
Connecting the IPP to a Sharp MFP with colour-scanning function makes for faster, smoother communication. Documents and images are scanned from the MFP and can be imported directly to the pen software for display on the IPP. For added convenience, image data shown on the IPP-including notations, can be saved to a PC or saved directly to an MFP for printout.