Environmental Activities

In accordance with environmental conservation guidelines established in line with Sharp’s Basic Environmental Policy, the Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, and the Sharp Code of Conduct, Sharp is pursuing environmental consciousness across all of its business activities.

In 2012, Sharp carried out measures in all of its business areas under its Eco-Positive Strategy. Starting in fiscal 2013, Sharp will step up environmental contributions under its new environmental policy of “Increase Green Shared Value.”

To become an “ECO POSITIVE” Company 

From fiscal 2009, Sharp will continue to strengthen its proactive efforts to maximize environmental protection through its products and actions towards a low carbon society under a new environmental vision of “Becoming an Eco-Positive Company: a company that supplies energy-creating and energy-saving products”

In effect this means Sharp is helping its customers and clients to reduce green house gas emissions through the use of Sharps’ energy-creating solar cells and energy saving products.

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